Letters to the Editor

The election circus is in town

Here it is election time again and the Democrats are having trouble again. It’s Alvin Green and hanging chads all over again.

In the Upstate the Democrats are proud to have elected Bryan Doyle to run as the Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional district. The fact that he was convicted in 2003 on six felony counts related to fraud and spent 30 months in jail doesn’t seem to bother even the Democratic Party state chairman, Dick Harpootlian, who stated that since they were sending him to Washington he should fit right in.

Then there is Mrs. Tinubu. Running a great race in a crowded field, this highly qualified, black female, walks with over 50 percent of the vote. In the world of Democrats, you would think of Mrs. Tinubu as the perfect Democratic candidate. But alas, following the last Democratic debate there were two prominent Democratic women on TV saying how they didn’t expect Mrs. Tinubu to do well because she “couldn’t relate to the voters.” So much for a career in political prognostication.

And then there is the reason why so many prominent Democrats think that Mrs. Tinubu should not be crowned as their candidate. It’s not because she is black, oh heck no, not a Democrat! They can’t be racist! That is a title reserved for Republicans. It’s because over 2,000 Democrats voted for someone who had withdrawn from the race weeks before and they think that votes for a candidate who does not exist should be counted. As my 10-year-old granddaughter would say, “Really?”

The donkey in the room is that Democrats are willing to risk losing a great candidate, a person who epitomizes what the Democrat party touts itself as being all about, for the sake of nominating a rich white man from a very prominent local family.

And we wonder why South Carolina votes Republican?

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.