Letters to the Editor

Rice a representative, Bauer a politician

Next Tuesday, Republicans will have the opportunity to choose a nominee to become our representative in Congress. As a representative, he will be charged with one basic task: voting on bills just as we would vote ourselves. It would, therefore, make sense that we choose the man who best reflects us, understands us, and represents our values.

The simple fact that Tom Rice has lived, worked, and raised a family in this district should be enough for him to qualify to serve as our representative. Having not done any of these things, how could any of us call Andre Bauer “our representative”?

Representatives are like us. They listen. They campaign by talking about their families, their values, and basic, common sense approaches to solving the complicated problems of Washington. Politicians are not like us. They talk. They campaign against their opponents instead of for themselves, for they have little to be proud of.

Do not fall for the skewed, negative ads, sound-bites, and national endorsements. These are the tools campaign managers, politicians, and national party leaders use to get what they want, not what we desperately need, which is a representative, not a politician.

On Tuesday, let us choose someone who reflects who we are and someone we can all be proud of. Let us choose our representative. Let us choose Tom Rice.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.