Letters to the Editor

Bikers overran local residents

There is an old New England saying, “You can’t fight city hall.”

Therefore, on that premise, after the second biker weekend recently ended, I did ask a few questions of the mayor’s office. His deputy city manager said they had “nothing to do with bikers weekend.” To which I asked, “You are city government aren’t you?” He looked embarrassed.

“I’m here to ask for a ‘no entry’ sign for 17th Avenue North,” I said. Residents can’t go in or out of their driveways. Given past history, surely we have earned this.

17th Avenue North got its sign and helpful parties called to let me know it was up.

I understand from one candidate for congress that the little businesses didn’t do so well and the big motels and money crowd “got it all” (it was on the radio). Par for the course.

It’s all not worth talking about anymore (kind of like “city hall”) God’s in his heaven, and alls right with the world, right?

It was a milder mayhem the second week. But they did manage to drive in and mangle the “no entry” sign. It became unfit as signage rather quickly. I stood it back up once, but feared for my life as cars and bikers threatened me as well. Oh well, right?

Next year, let’s try an all out blockade on the entry to the street. But definitely don’t close downtown on Memorial Day weekend.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.