Letters to the Editor

Rice the best choice for Congress

We have a choice to make on Tuesday on who from the Republican side is going to run for Congress against the Democratic candidate. It is very important that registered voters get out and vote.

I am a registered Democrat but find myself leaning more towards independent status or a conservative/moderate Republican. I voted in the primary and chose to vote on the Republican side. I truly considered two candidates and didn’t finally decide until the night before who would get my vote. I weighed the candidates’ willingness to cross party lines to break the gridlock in Washington, their personal/family values, and their electability. Ultimately I picked Tom Rice.

My choices came down to Mr. Prosser, Mr. Rice and Mr. Bauer. I had serious concerns about Mr. Bauer’s personal past history concerning abuse of power. I liked Mr. Prosser and felt he could be a good representative but his electability was the question. Then there was Mr. Rice, who returned my phone call regarding answers to two important questions regarding this election: Question No. 1: Are you willing to cross party lines (cross the aisle) to work with other legislators to break the gridlock in Congress? Question No. 2: Are you willing to accept serving only one term if it means representing your constituents in good conscience? His response was sufficient for me.

Mr. Prosser also answered my questions and I appreciated his candid response. I did not ask Mr. Bauer because of my concerns about his personal conduct.

We in the new 7th Congressional District have a choice to make regarding who will represent us in a very complex Congress. We all know that the system is broken beyond repair now. Forget compromise, the people now serving have no clue what the term means! They need to be voted out and we need to elect people who will serve all of us and cross the line to accomplish resolving problems.

I am a lifelong Democrat but am disillusioned with their many failures over the past four years. President Obama promised us change within four years. Change has come but for many not for the good. He promised in 2008 transparency, all we’ve seen is back door politics. I blame both parties and their leadership persons for the pickle we are in and it needs to stop now.

On June 26 I urge you to send Tom Rice to Congress with a one term mandate. Break the gridlock, solve the problems and come home a hero.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.