Letters to the Editor

Vote Tom Rice, man from Horry County

Wake up, Horry County! For the first time in your life you will have the historic chance on June 26 to name the candidates to fill this seat that will be anchored by the Grand Strand.

Only about 10 percent of you cared enough to vote in the first round. As a result we had a carpet-bagger who is on the Lake Wylie Tourism board lead the Republican primary. A man who sped through Columbia (see police records), crashed his plane, now moves to Myrtle Beach with suitcase in hand to seek the newest opening in political office while unleashing a TV ad that mischaracterizes the only home-grown candidate left in the race.

Tom Rice has lived in Horry County, actually raised a family here, and has a record of service and interest in the Grand Strand that will stand us well in Washington. Tom Rice deserves your vote on Tuesday.

The writer lives in Little River.