Letters to the Editor

Tom Rice’s history recommends him for Congress

Nearly 50 years ago, I remember my late mother, then a first grade teacher, speaking admiringly of her colleagues at Woodland Park Elementary School, on the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Often mentioned was Mrs. Kathy Rice and how diligently Mom thought Mrs. Rice worked to guide her two young boys to grow up the right way. In the 1960s in Horry County, there was very little wealth throughout the county. Those of us raised here grew up in very conservative households, to a large extent out of necessity. Little could my parents have known that decades later, Mrs. Rice’s son, Tom, would counsel and guide them, as Tom has done for countless other retired couples, with regard to their modest but important business interests as they aged.

Now, I take comfort when bright young, conservative, successful and humble individuals, such as Tom Rice and Jay Jordan decide to enter the public arena, men with children, who I believe will continue look out for the elderly and the next generation and not just focus on the next election. Please join me in voting for a bright future for the 7th district and voting for Tom Rice.

The writer, a member of Myrtle Beach City Council, lives in Myrtle Beach.