Letters to the Editor

Randal Wallace supports Tom Rice for Congress

Over the last six months, I have had the privilege to get know all the candidates that were running to be the Republican nominee for the 7th Congressional District. I congratulate both Andre Bauer and Tom Rice for getting into the runoff.

After much consideration, I have decided to endorse Tom Rice to be our next congressman. I believe in issue-based campaigns, and Tom ran a campaign that was focused on the issues facing our district.

Tom also believes in many of the issues that I supported in my congressional campaign. Tom supports replacing earmarks with a merit-based appropriations plan to ensure that the important projects in our district receive the attention that they deserve. Tom has vowed to support projects such as I-73 and dredging of the Georgetown Port and to prioritize these projects to make sure that they aren't neglected.

Tom also supports the Cut-Cap-Balance legislation that I supported. This effort would cut spending, cap spending, and move forward with a federal balanced-budget amendment. Tom understands the need for fiscal responsibility. With his business experience, Tom will work to reduce spending and bring forward sensible fiscal reform.

Since Tom Rice has been on Horry County Council, I have been impressed with his ability to build relationships within the community. Tom has improved the relationship between County Council and Myrtle Beach City Council, and as a member of the City Council, I know that Tom has worked hard to get things done. Tom has worked to improve economic development here, and I know that Tom will work to bring jobs to the district.

I am proud to say that I have become friends with the candidates that were in the race, and I hope that these friendships endure, but I think it is important for this district to have a congressman that is from here. Tom Rice has been involved in the local community for many years, and has roots here in the 7th district. I know that Tom is the right person to be our Representative in Washington, and I encourage you to rally behind Tom Rice for Congress and vote for Tom on June 26!

The writer, a former congressional candidate and member of Myrtle Beach City Council, lives in Myrtle Beach.