Letters to the Editor

S.C. Democrats’ reaction to election an embarrassment

Until a few weeks ago, I had every intention of voting for Preston Brittain in the Democratic primary for the new 7th District seat. During the debates, however, I was impressed and moved by Dr. Tinubu's stage presence, knowledge and commitment to Democratic ideals. At the same time, despite his claims as a newcomer, Mr. Brittain positioned himself as the consummate politician, avoiding positions and pandering for votes, even from the Republicans he imagined would support him. The debates changed my vote, and apparently the votes of quite a few other Democrats, particularly in Horry County.

On the morning of June 13, state Democratic Party officials awoke to the unpleasant fact that the candidate endorsed by party heavyweights had lost. They then stumbled all over themselves to figure out how to re-engineer the results. In doing so, they embarrassed not only themselves but all of those in this district they are supposed to serve.

In view of Dr. Tinubu’s margin of victory, and for the sake of party unity and his own dignity, Mr. Brittain should have congratulated her and discouraged others’ attempts to create a mockery of this primary. Instead, Mr. Brittain and his backers have released attack ads trying to paint Tinubu as an “outsider,” knowing full well she was born and raised in Georgetown County and educated in S.C. universities. Many of us have been forced to leave South Carolina in order to build a career, before returning home. Does Brittain really think that is so wrong?

I believe Mr. Brittain is an honorable man, and his electorate has spoken decisively. It is now time for him to act in an honorable manner.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.