Letters to the Editor

Bring religious movie to Strand

On June 1, the movie “For Greater Glory” was released nationwide and brought in great reviews after the first weekend. I had read about the true story that this movie was based on in the Knights of Columbus Columbia magazine. I was looking forward to seeing the movie at one of our local theaters, and was very surprised when it wasn’t showing. I checked The Sun News’ Kicks magazine on June 8, and lo and behold it wasn’t playing in any of our local theaters this week either.

“For Greater Glory” is based on events that occurred in Mexico in the late 1920s. The Mexican government was trying to take away the citizens’ religious freedoms and began a program of intimidation of the Catholic Church in Mexico as well as the faithful Catholics in the country. Priests and nuns were not allowed to wear their religious garments, many foreign priests were expelled from the country and Catholic schools, seminaries, orphanages and hospitals were closed by order of the government. Many priests, clergy and lay people were murdered because they would not give in to the government’s demands. Remember, Mexico is a predominantly Catholic and devout nation, and to take this away from the people was an outrage.

There was an armed response against this persecution and tyranny, and it became known as the Cristiada. The movie is based on the events that occurred leading up to the Cristiada as well as the events during and after the Cristiada. Over 200,000 people from all walks of life were killed or martyred by 1930.

Given the way we see the name of God being systematically removed from our society in the name of “political correctness” or whatever, here is a movie that shows how much people will endure in the name of God and their religious freedoms.

This note is a plea to all the movie theater owners along the Grand Strand to please bring this movie to our area. This story has a powerful message and should be seen and reflected upon.

The writer lives in Little River.