Letters to the Editor

Definitely vote Bauer on Tuesday

If you are planning to cast your vote in the Republican primary runoff for Congress, I would like to give you a good reason for casting your ballot for Andre Bauer, from my personal experience.

When Andre Bauer was lieutenant governor he was a staunch proponent of the rights of senior citizens in South Carolina. To that end he would give seminars here in Horry County at regular intervals. He would arrive with staff members with a willingness to listen to your problem and offer solutions. He was always attentive to his constituents problems and ideas. I witnessed Andre Bauer personally speak to many people in attendance about their concerns and was untiring. He took his job very seriously and sincerely.

I had a problem and didn't know what to do. I knew I could call or speak to Andre about it. I was being sued for a contract I was unaware that I had committed. I was definitely at a loss in knowing what steps to take. It was, at this point I called Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer's office for help. Catherine Angus, the volunteer ombudsman coordinator in his office, agreed to help in finding a solution to the problem. She set up a conference call involving three parties; Angus, the company in question, and myself. As it turned out, the situation was a misunderstanding on my part and with her persuasion, the matter was dropped and the contract terminated.

As Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer's office was very protective of the senior citizens of South Carolina and I'm sure he will continue his untiring efforts as the congressman from our district.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.