Letters to the Editor

Turn back to God for sake of the nation

Re recent letters from James Thorndyke and Bob Bethel

Thank you for printing these letters, which I totally agree with. We are yet blessed with freedom of speech along with many other rights and privileges.

When has a nation been so blessed as this country? I believe all good comes from God and that because our first leaders based our Constitution on what they understood to be God's will and their obedience to seek in prayer his guidance, he blessed us.

I also was in school in the ‘50s when we could read from the Bible and pray in school. We respected our country, our flag, also our parents and teachers. When we chose to take the Bible out of schools and public places, we were turning our backs on God. Then started the trend to decide that what God wrote was outdated. We were so smart, we should vote to legalize what he says is wrong for us.

Can we now wonder why we cannot make things work in the country and world. Is the answer not obvious? Humble ourselves, repent for our disobedience, turn back to God and we will again be blessed and forgiven.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.