Letters to the Editor

Talk of annexing Atlantic Beach welcome

I find it encouraging hearing increased talk among state officials about incorporating Atlantic Beach into North Myrtle Beach.

Once a historical and cultural landmark, Atlantic Beach has become a shell of its former self. As it stands now, Horry County taxpayers continue to be on the hook for cleaning up mess after mess in Atlantic Beach.

There are less than 100 registered voters in the town. Most residential neighborhoods have more people than that! Those 100 people are being subsidized by the rest of us, and it’s not fair.

If race is a factor at all, it’s in the sense that reverse discrimination is taking place. A hundred people are being unfairly put first, at the expense of the hundreds of thousands of us in the rest of the county. The town’s residents themselves surely support a solution to the town’s never-ending problems. They, the residents of Atlantic Beach, need and deserve a change.

The town has proven that it can’t manage itself, and rather than punishing taxpayers, state officials and Atlantic Beach residents ought to act to incorporate Atlantic Beach into North Myrtle Beach. Voters will stand by every elected official who has the guts to stand up for the taxpayers.

It’s time for the people of Atlantic Beach to take complete financial responsibility for them, or to join hands with their neighbors in North Myrtle Beach.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.