Letters to the Editor

Local channels should be my choice

Who is smarter at picking local TV channels: the FCC, Time Warner or my TV?

Well, you can probably guess the answer is my TV. Here is the reason.

I live in Murrells Inlet in Georgetown County about a mile from the Horry County line. As a resident of the Grand Strand, I shop in and receive emergency information from Myrtle Beach. I originally chose Time Warner as my cable provider back when they televised Myrtle Beach TV stations.

The FCC now says that my local network channels must come from Charleston, about 90 miles away. My Myrtle Beach local channels are being changed over to Charleston channels. I now see commercials for businesses I don’t care about and will never even visit. If I hear Savannah Highway one more time I will scream. Is there such a place?

The FCC is not smart for using county boundaries to decide TV channels.

Time Warner used to provide Myrtle Beach channels but now they say my local channels must come from Charleston because the FCC made us do it. What happen to all the lobbyists? Are they powerless to give feedback to the FCC?

They say I should shop in Charleston. Then they tell me even though my local merchants are in Charleston, my real local merchants can be found starting on channel 1083 on up. But wait, these are Grand Strand businesses; Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet Shops and restaurants.

I expressed my confusion to Time Warner and let them know I plan to take my cable boxes and DVRs back to them in Charleston. But wait, I am told my local Time Warner Affiliate Office is in Myrtle Beach. What?

Then I put my old TV antenna on the roof and connected it to my flat panel TV and asked it to add my local channels. I got all the old familiar network channels from Myrtle Beach. I don’t get the Time Warner premium channels but I like this answer. My TV wins.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.