Letters to the Editor

All Honor Flight vets are heroes

I’m writing to thank The Sun News, and WWII hero Walter Browe for the Opinion page letter of June 2, “Not a Hero, but felt like one.”

I was one of the guardians on the May 23 flight, and I believe Mr. Browe was on my bus No. 3. Mr. Browe does not see himself as a hero, but it took 10 non-combat men and women to support one frontline man. You are indeed a “hero,” and where would that frontline man have been without you?

May 23 was my third flight as a guardian, and I will go again next Oct. 24 and again and again until the final taps sound for the last WWII hero of the Greatest Generation. All of us who serve you on the Myrtle Beach Honor Flights go out of great love and respect: guardians, Honor Flight Team, medical staff and even our Vietnam vets. None of us go out of a quest for entertainment.

Many of us are sons, daughters or relatives of WWII vets, so any and all members of the Greatest Generation are priceless and precious “family” to all of us, including the airline crews and everyone who greets us in D.C. and at the welcome home celebration in Myrtle Beach.

My vision is that the welcome home celebration on Oct. 24 will be the biggest yet seen, and that 2012 will be a record year for support and donations for the WWII heroes and the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand Honor Flight.

I salute Mr. Browe’s humbleness in turning the spotlight on the WWII frontline vets, and those who never returned, but the spotlight of Myrtle Beach Honor Flight shines on all of you.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.