Letters to the Editor

Don’t let drilling destroy nature

Thanks again to The Sun News for up to date coverage of critical news.

I was dismayed and disappointed by Sen. Lindsey Graham’s action in introducing an offshore drilling bill. I would have expected Gov. Nikki Haley and Rep. Jeff Duncan to jump on board such misguided policy, but not the senator.

I would like to invite Sen. Graham to join me on one off my daily kayak trips through the marsh. He will experience the ebb and flow of life itself. My hunch is that the marsh is pretty close to what God originally created. We simply cannot take a chance on damaging such a treasure.

My objection is not about protecting tourism. I live here. When there is an oil spill, tourists will go somewhere else. I will still be here cleaning oil off the wading birds and watching the marsh grass die.

We have got to divert resources to developing alternative sources of fuel. We simply can’t keep drilling. And, Gov. Haley, the irony is that jobs of the future will be in alternative fuels and not oil. I went to Georgia Tech. Friends who teach there bemoan the fact that some of their brightest students are choosing to go to places like Australia to do graduate work in alternative sources of energy because that is where the cutting edge research is being done.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.