Letters to the Editor

Foul language not right in public

Re June 11 letter by Carey Sharpe, “Lower IQ for cursers? Balderdash”

Sharpe’s reply to Ms. Lynne Harbold’s statement on the use of foul language was out of line. First of all, you must respect yourself, then you will have respect for others as well, as foul language is not acceptable in public, nor should it be used at home, which is where it begins, as children tend to speak what they are taught at home sometimes.

I think the use of foul language is just a bad habit people get into and cannot stop. If you claim to be an intelligent person, then you must realize that most people do not like foul-mouthed people, nor should they take the Lord’s name in vain, as the Bible states. So, Mr. Sharpe, get with it and clean up your act, if you think it is OK to curse or use foul language in public. It is not very becoming of you, nor is it your privilege to embarrass other people who detest this language, as this is not considered freedom of speech.

I was not raised this way, and I don’t think others want to tolerate it either.

The writer lives in Little River.