Letters to the Editor

Look at facts on baby’s life before making decision

Re June 8 letter by Trinity Francis, “South far behind on women’s rights”

I would like to comment on the writer’s lovely name, Trinity and note an irony between her name and her views on the Bible and abortion. Aside from that, my main reason in writing is to ask where a northerner at age 23 obtains her knowledge on abortion and Southern women.

I agree with her instructions to leave the Bible out of the issue. Let’s just consider the biological fact that an abortion kills a beating heart. Even more profound is the emotional scar that such a procedure will leave in one’s mind and heart. Each year, when that particular day rolls around, there will be a memory, a recollection of what might have been. And many years later, when she encounters at young achiever or a graduate she might wonder if that could have been my child?

You may be an atheist but certainly not demonic. And, Ms. Francis, how can you possibly put wearing helmets, burning garbage and smoking indoors in the same category as an abortion?

I found your letter to be very flip and condescending in addressing such a serious subject as abortion. I suggest you revisit your views in 20 years, after you have experienced some of what life has in store for you. At 76, a mother and a grandmother, I consider myself “seasoned” in these matters.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.