Letters to the Editor

Government doesn’t owe you student loans

Re May 17 letter by Jim Johnston, “Student loans unfairly high”

You state that college students and parents have been kept in the dark by our government long enough. In regards to what? Student loan interest rates and the debate of the interest rate of a student loan is well in the open. Open your eyes and ears and listen.

You vent your displeasure at the proposed new interest rate charge. You are very lucky that the government has such a program of student loans. Try inquiring about a loan from a private lending institution and see what their rates are. You will find them to be very much higher and more demanding in the repayment schedule, etc. From your insinuations, you tend to feel that the government owes you in regards to student loans. Other than being born in the United States, what have you contributed to the United States? Nothing.

What would you do if the government cancels all student loans? These loans are not a constitutional right but a service voted in and offered to students. Compared to private lending institutions, the interest rates are more generous than that of the government student loan.

You state, “So our president and Congress in their infinite wisdom are burdening our youth with unfairly high interest rates payments in order to help pay for a health care bill that the majority of Americans are against.”

First off, the interest rates are not the only funds that are assisting senior citizens with Medicare and Medicaid in their twilight years. They have paid Social Security taxes plus other taxes toward the medical retirement system; they have worked their entire lives paying Social Security tax toward the medical aspect of their retirement. Many of these retired seniors have served in the military fighting in World War II, Korean conflict, Gulf War, Vietnam, etc., assuring that the youths would be able to learn, at a school of their choice, and not one dictated by the government as it is in many foreign dictatorial run countries.

I was in combat for one year in Korea and am 83 years old. I am sure that your grandparents or parents are on Medicare and Medicaid as well as many of your uncles and aunts. Do you want to deprive them of these services for health care offered by the government? Remember, time does not stand still and you are growing older by the day. One day you will wake up and discover that life has passed you by at a quick pace and you are now or will be a senior citizen depending Medicare, and need a little help from the youths at that time in your life. Wake up and face reality, for all seniors and human beings of all ages in this great country, not just me, me, me, me.

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.