Letters to the Editor

Come to a soccer match; we dare you

This is an open challenge to the soccer community and media of the Grand Strand.

My name is Tristan Patterson and I am one of the owners and founders of Myrtle Beach FC Mutiny – the first pro soccer team in Myrtle Beach in 14 years. So much has changed since the days of the Myrtle Beach SeaDawgs in the late ‘90s. The soccer community on the Strand has grown by leaps and bounds, there are several organized adult leagues with growing memberships, two large, talented youth clubs, and like the rest of our amazing country, the attention and attitude towards soccer has become a positive one.

We’re proud to be here in Myrtle Beach, we are proud of our product and our team, we’ve made deals with larger clubs in our first year, signed former international professional soccer players, and some amazing up and coming players, and we are friends with the Pelicans – when they are home we go on the road, when they are on the road we fill the sports gap and provide an exceptional value of sports. Yet, at our second home game there were only two of the players from the local adult league in attendance and despite the amazing weather a poor showing.

The summer in Myrtle Beach is extremely busy and it is hard to compete for media attention with large events going on in late May or June, but the sports world of Myrtle Beach is very light during this time. In the end it comes down to people need to know about Myrtle Beach FC and pro soccer in Myrtle Beach.

We will be here for years and years to come, but it’s no fun by ourselves, I challenge folks to give us a shot at our games and keep up to date with us.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.