Letters to the Editor

God is against gays, end of story

Re June 2 letter by Donna Crile, “Gay marriage should be legal”

Do those who are in favor of same sex marriage realize how strong the Bible is against gays and lesbians? Now if God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, was strong against them in the first place, how do they feel that they are acceptable now? Even our President Obama claims he is a Christian, and yet he feels he has the right to change God's judgment and recommended others to do so. Is Obama greater than God?

The word of God, in the Old Testament and New Testament, from beginning to end, shows how strong the Bible is on marriage between husband and wife. In fact, in just briefly searching, I've found over a dozen areas of the Bible saying so.

And to my knowledge there never was a case of partial birth abortion, which is also strong now, and I'm sure God is grieving over that also. So if we want what is best for America, we should be strong in standing up against any person running for any political position, or any person or organization that believes in, approves, and/or promotes same-sex marriage and/or partial birth abortion. How could we, as believers in the word of God, cast a vote for, or support them in anyway.

And fellow Americans, please don't just read what I've said. Open your Bible and pass this on to your children, your grandchildren, your friends, relatives, and co-workers. What a change this would make in your life and theirs.

C'mon, we want America back!

The writer lives in Little River.