Letters to the Editor

Vote Morreale for school board

Voting for school board members may be the most important mark on the ballot we make. They control more of our tax dollars than any other single local government entity.

Making good decisions about how to spend our money should be at the top of their agenda. However, I feel our present school board asks too few questions about how our money is spent. According to Paul Gable’s blog, Horry County Schools’ budget “is passed in three readings (votes) without one question being raised by any board member about any of the recommended expenditures.” Getting the maximum good use out of our tax dollars is a vital function of our school board and you do not need a PhD to understand how a budget works. Just ask most moms.

Education is about more than money. I know Janice Morreale to be a parent who is dedicated and interested in the decisions that affect our children, qualities I have not seen from most members of the current school board. She would be an outstanding addition to the board and may inspire the others to take a renewed interest in their duties. Our school board should represent the school attendance population not just a board of complacent academia.

I will be supporting Janice Morreale for the District 5 School Board seat in the upcoming Republican primary and I encourage you to do the same.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.