Letters to the Editor

Tom Rice the best choice for our district

By today, most voters have taken time to decide which candidate can and would best represent all persons who live in the new 7th Congressional District.

The Sun News has done a superb job of letting each candidate, Democratic and Republican, tell us why they should get the job. You are fortunate to live in the new 7th Congressional District where a long list of highly qualified patriots have thrown their hats into the ring. After having listened to several debates and considering the pros and cons thrown at us by the candidates and the media I have made my choice.

I hope all eligible voters will go to their precinct poll and vote. If you fail to vote then you will have no right to criticize the actions the winner takes while representing you in Washington.

I believe our goal should be to cast all other considerations aside and be sure the ultimate winner in each political party gets at least 51 percent of the votes cast on June 12. When you vote, keep in mind that you want to vote for the person who has the competence, courage and political leadership experience to do the best job for all of us in Washington. It can be done by following these simple rules:

1. Don’t waste your vote on an unlikely winner, no matter how much you like your pick of the lot.

2. Screw up your courage and cast your vote for the most likely ultimate winner.

3.Convince other voters to do what you plan to do for the same reason, saving time, taxpayer dollars and giving the ultimate winner a clear mandate on the first ballot.

4. That person is a well-known local resident, who is a highly-respected, proven political leader, family and community advocate who has done, and is still doing the right things for the majority of voters in the Pee Dee 7th District region. That proven leader is Tom Rice.

Hence, I am pleading for all Republicans in our new 7th District Pee Dee region to remove the risk of losing your vote by pushing the “Rice” button on June 12.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.