Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Edge, a man of integrity

If you look at some of the campaign fliers being sent out by Tracy’s opponent, you will see that Mr. Duckworth talks about integrity and consensus building. The only consensus building Mr. Duckworth has engaged in has been for projects where he stands to benefit.

For example, Mr. Duckworth has obtained many contracts to work on city projects, the latest being the new sports complex in North Myrtle Beach. Mr. Duckworth has benefited from the citizens’ taxes that are paying for this park and the many other city projects he has contracted. In most states, Mr. Duckworth would be in violation of public servant ethics laws because of his position on City Council.

Tracy has taken the time to listen to his constituents’ concerns and has worked with the citizens and our City Council over the years to bring financial support to the many projects that make our city better. Some of these projects include the bridge over the waterway, the dredging of the canals in Cherry Grove, paving our roads, etc. Tracy is far better at building consensus for the right things than Mr. Duckworth.

We need proven leaders and Tracy is that leader. He has never tried to find personal gain in anything he has supported or done. This cannot be said of Mr. Duckworth.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.