Letters to the Editor

Bauer not really from our area

So, what's the deal with Andre Bauer running for Congress in the new 7th Congressional District?

Bauer is a former state representative and state senator, before becoming lieutenant governor. Quite a resume Mr. Bauer presents, but hold on!

Didn't he represent the Midlands in the S.C. House and in the S.C. Senate? And he was a resident there while he was lieutenant governor? But now there is a new political opportunity in the Pee Dee and coastal region and he has purchased property in Myrtle Beach. Given the Congressional history of South Carolina, it could be a lifetime job for the out of town boy.

Is Mr. Bauer so arrogant as to believe that those people in the Pee Dee and coastal region can’t represent themselves so he needs to relocate to help them out?

Well, thanks, Mr. Bauer, but no thanks. We can represent ourselves, and we have many qualified candidates (read: residents) who will represent us.

Let's elect someone who has lived and worked in our area and who knows the local issues.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.