Letters to the Editor

Hardwick has been good father, good politician

For 33 years I have had the privilege of calling Rep. Nelson Hardwick my father. I wanted to take the time to address your readers and tell them about the kind of man he is.

My father was raised in a small community where everyone knew everyone and worked together as a family. He was brought up that when you saw an injustice or someone heading down the wrong path you stood up to help anyway you could. After years of working hard to provide a life full of opportunity for his children and anyone he had the pleasure of meeting; he decided to expand on the number of lives he could touch. My father had a passion for politics, not one that had been passed down through his family, because our family is not one of politicians.

He wanted to make a difference for the people of his community, the people he considers family. He knew there wasn’t a way to be an impact on each of their lives just by being Nelson Hardwick, Surfside Beach resident and small business owner. He wanted to really help his community family; help their kids get better educations, help them have better job opportunities, help them in anyway he could. So he decided to become a politician; a service that many frown upon, because they feel that every political figure does it for some self-serving purpose. Well, if there is a self-serving benefit to his position, I haven’t seen it. What I have seen is a man who devotes every breath to representing this district.

He represents you with the same pride and honor he represents us. He is the head of our family and has always cleared the path for us so the ride is smoother; just as he has done for the people of District 106. I hope that if you haven’t taken the time to personally get to know your representative that you do so before casting a vote in the other direction on June 12. I also hope that when you do get to know him or listen to the people who do, that there will be no question about clicking the box beside the Hardwick last name next Tuesday.

The writer lives in Florence.