Letters to the Editor

South is far behind on women’s rights

Re May 18 letter by Martin Rosol, “Preserving life is all about caring”

Rosol clearly has a dated opinion towards any woman who undergoes an abortion procedure. As a 28-year-old New Yorker down here temporarily, I am continuously shocked and disappointed at the letters written by God-fearing Southerners. South Carolina is light years behind the Northeast on women’s rights and right to privacy.

For once, leave the Bible out of it. I am compassionate, loving and caring. At this point in my life, I am not financially or emotionally prepared to have a child. I will be crossing state lines to have my procedure done. Down here in Myrtle Beach, I guess that makes me a demonic atheist.

Get with the times, South Carolina. Start wearing helmets; legalize abortion, stop burning garbage, and smoking indoors. It is 2012, if you’re not aware.

The writer is staying in Myrtle Beach.