Letters to the Editor

With propsects fading, Obama’s running scared

With the presidential campaign heading into high gear, I’m amazed at the so-called experts. With President Obama’s re-election in serious doubt, the mainstream media, the professional pundits, even some fellow Democrats are questioning the president’s constant attacks on capitalism, wealthy people, corporations, etc. Allow me to clear up the confusion.

The simple truth is that, like a professional athlete whose game is in trouble, he’s gone back to basics. In Obama’s case that means his community organizing days. Considering that he really can’t run on his atrocious record, he’s pitting Americans against each other hoping people will be so nervous they won’t even think about the destruction he has wrought.

America today is more polarized than I’ve seen in my lifetime including the anti-Vietnam war years. The president will try to convince us that he will be the Great Peacemaker. Remember all that hopey-changey nonsense? Even Obama knew that was a load of fertilizer. The good news is that most of his support is from the far, far left-wingers among us, so with a little luck and the Good Lord’s grace we’ll begin to heal on Jan. 20, 2013.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.