Letters to the Editor

Bauer the best choice for Congress

How fortunate we are to live in a country where we have the freedom of choice, a two party system in our U.S. government.

In the upcoming election for 7th Congressional District, we have a great selection of candidates to choose from. We have several native sons of South Carolina that I have had the pleasure of meeting, along with their mothers and families.

I have lived in South Carolina my entire life. I have traveled throughout the state, and have seen much growth and progress. I am proud of South Carolina and want to see progress continue in years to come, not for me, but for my grandchildren. Their way of life is now on the line, and we have a chance to improve their wellbeing, if we send the right candidate to Washington. I see this candidate as Andre Bauer.

As I look back on his many accomplishments, I know he will continue this same devotion, not for a select group or region of our state but for the entire state, as well as the other states of America.

Andre Bauer has run a clean and fair campaign. He knows you cannot build yourself up by tearing someone else down. He stands on what he believes and owes no favors to a select group. He will not back down or change his convictions of what is best for South Carolina and our country.

I agree with Andre Bauer’s common-sense plan to get America working again. Our people need jobs and he has the right plan and the knowledge to make this happen for South Carolina as well as other states in our great country.

Bauer’s 7 for 7 plan: Grow our economy, secure our borders, develop an American energy plan, repeal Obamacare, cut taxes and balance the budget, fundamentally reform welfare, and overhaul the federal government. This is the best plan I have listened to at many of the debates I have attended.

My hat is off to all the candidates who have run a good race and have been fair and conducted themselves with utmost respect for each other during this campaign.

But I know of no one better suited or more willing to devote everything within himself for the 7th District as our U.S. congressman in Washington than Andre Bauer.

The writer lives in Florence.