Letters to the Editor

Return Tracy Edge to state House

Let’s get some facts straight about Greg Duckworth. He has been on City Council in North Myrtle Beach for 11 years and has become very well off from that position. He has used his position for personal gain and has alienated most of his constituents in the Windy Hill district he represents.

We’ve seen several letters of support for him that touted his working to build consensus. He has mainly worked to support crony capitalism within the council by voting his support of projects that have enhanced his wealth and the wealth of others on the council.

He abstained from voting on the sports complex because he knew there was a conflict of interest when there was a million dollar contract that was going to be “given” without bid to design the complex. Greg was touted as a major part of the design team when the public did have a chance to see conceptual models at a public meeting.

As a subcontractor (a subterfuge), Greg obtained a significant portion of those funds. Again, taxpayers were not protected by a sealed bid process when the design contract was assigned by the city to Mozingo & Wallace Architects. Mozingo & Wallace then subcontracted with Wood & Partners Inc., a company who employed Greg at one point and in turn subcontracted with him. Our property taxes were raised by 6 mills (20 percent) for eight years to pay for the bonds funding this project. So who was Greg thinking about?

We don’t need a politician that is looking to make a living off taxpayers through his position as an elected official. What will he do if he is allowed to go to Columbus to represent us?

Tracy has not made a dime off of his position as our representative and he has not voted for tax any increases! Greg has voted for at least three tax increases on the citizens of North Myrtle Beach. Re-elect Tracy Edge to the House 104 seat to continue serving the people he has served very well for his entire legislative career. We need more legislators like Tracy serving South Carolina.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.