Letters to the Editor

Ray Cleary: Hardwick has represented district well

On June 12, many of our citizens of the south end will be going to vote for a representative for District 106, either incumbent Nelson Hardwick or challenger Rod Smith.

Although I know and like both men, I sincerely hope that our citizens return Nelson Hardwick to the legislature. I am writing as a dentist who has the greatest respect for Nelson and his family. Mr. Hardwick is one of the most honest and loyal men whom I have met and one of the hardest working members of the legislature. Our area and our county would be injured if we did not have him represent us. And I am very disappointed, to say the least, with the negativity and untruths and mudslinging directed at him.

Having the privilege of representing you in the South Carolina Senate for the last eight years, I have not endorsed publicly candidates to other offices; I believe it would be presumptuous of me. But, today, I will make an exception and possibly as your dentist or senator allow me to impose on you and ask your re-electing Nelson Hardwick to the South Carolina legislature.

The writer, state senator for District 34, lives in Murrells Inlet.