Letters to the Editor

Keep supporting Sen. Yancey McGill

Election time has come again and we will make a decision as to who will represent us. I am a former UAW union representative and I will speak to the issue of seniority. We have been voting for and electing Sen. Yancey McGill for many years and he has been representing us fairly, as he should. Because of the manner in which he has represented us, we continue to vote and support McGill, and now he has acquired the seniority that he has now.

Because of McGill’s seniority he now sits on some very important committees. McGill can now do more for the people that he represents because of the fact that we stayed with him, We voted and supported him, that is why his seniority is also our seniority, and we should not get rid of our seniority.

Let us not make the mistake of not voting and supporting our senator. Rep. Carl Anderson and Sen. McGill work together as a team and we all know that a good team makes good sense. And as long as they continue to give us good representation, we should continue to keep our seniority.

They are both God-fearing men with good character. We are blessed to have them represent us.

The writer lives in Andrews.