Letters to the Editor

Tom Rice clearly outshines Andre Bauer

With so many undecided voters out there, I have been asked several times why one should vote for my candidate of choice, Tom Rice, rather than Andre Bauer. Here are just a few of the many good reasons:

Bauer's love for politics brought him into this district. Rice’s love for this district brought him into politics.

Bauer has stated that he has “retired” here after many visits and vacations. Rice was raised here, started his family here, started a successful business here, devoted years of community service here, and will one day proudly retire here.

Bauer plays by his rules. Illegally placing signs, manipulating his campaign “contributions” by depositing the same $150,000 loan from himself on the day before filing and then paying himself back days later. He plays the games of a career politician. Rice plays by the rules. Plain and simple.

Bauer is led by power, position and influence. Rice is led by faith, family and experience.

I have had the honor of knowing Tom for a long time. More importantly, I have had the privilege of Tom and his wife, Wrenzie’s, friendship for over 17 years.

I will vote for the most qualified, honest and intelligent candidate on June 12, Tom Rice.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.