Letters to the Editor

Randal Wallace will work to improve economy

I read the op-ed by Randal Wallace on the economy that was featured in The Sun News, and it is absolutely correct. The local economy here in the 7th District is struggling, and Randal knows how to make an environment that allows for businesses to flourish. I agree with him that we need to get government out of the way, and remove the burdensome regulations that are hurting commerce, businesses, and employers.

Wallace is the only of the candidates to support the cut-cap-balance pledge that will reduce the nation’s deficit and support a Balanced Budget Amendment. The economy is directly tied to our national debt, and he has pledged to reduce wasteful spending and support a federal balanced budget.

Wallace has also stated the best way to create an economic boom for the Pee Dee area is to make the Georgetown shipping docks a major port in South Carolina. He has also said energy production will lead to thousands of jobs here, as well as a way to bring much-needed infrastructure projects to the district. We have an abundance of natural gas off our coast, and Wallace knows this is important to stir jobs and bring in needed revenue. I urge my friends and the good voters in the Pee Dee to elect Randal Wallace as our congressman.

I know Wallace, his word is his bond and he will not let us down because he will legislate and argue in the Congress for our best interests. Will you please join me by voting for Randal Wallace for Congress on June 12.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.