Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Peterson to school board

As a teacher in Horry County, I very carefully watch decisions made by state and local lawmakers that will affect the education of our children. In a time when many people in and outside of our state use words and actions to devalue public education, it is refreshing to know that we have people like Paul Peterson as our advocate on the school board. He has represented my district on the Horry County Board of Education for many years, and he has consistently made decisions based on the needs of children and teachers.

I appreciate his diligence in making sure he is aware of issues that have a direct effect on the classroom. Once he understands the issues, he then works to find solutions that are practical and will have the most impact to improve the tremendous work that takes place in classrooms daily. I know him to be a man of integrity and wisdom, and I have never once had to wonder if his votes on the board of education are influenced by anything other than what will best serve the needs of our children and teachers. Paul will definitely have my vote for Horry County Board of Education.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.