Letters to the Editor

Prosser’s ad is disingenuous politics

I've seen the ad too many times; the one promoting Chad's campaign for election to the U.S. House of Representatives. When it first came out I sent him an email asking that he withdraw it because the content was not truthful and, in my opinion, it was the type of ad that turned people away from politics and certain politicians.

Chad Prosser, I'm sure, is a good person and has been successful. I enjoyed watching him as chairman of Horry County Council. However, he cannot “shake up” Washington as the ad says. He cannot eliminate the debt nor can he balance the budget. Lastly, he cannot repeal Obamacare. I have watched many ads on TV and his is the only one that I have seen that depicts the candidate as someone who cannot do what he says he is going to do in Washington.

Congress has many members of both parties; one person cannot rule.

The writer lives in Georgetown.