Letters to the Editor

Bauer a leader we can trust

On May 20, I read with interest Mr. Phil Hayes’ letter, “Bauer’s action speak loudest.” What a good article. I too was so impressed with the Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer during the time he was in office. He said to call him at his Columbia office with any needs and if he were not in his secretary would deliver him the message.

Numerous times I would need an answer that I could not find and would call his office. Always I would get a courteous and friendly reply. If the answer was not quickly available, they would get back in touch with me in a timely manner.

Having had this past service, I feel he will work to protect not only the people in this district, but have a great influence on our nation. I do hope the people in this district will see fit to put Andre Bauer in office, one that can be trusted.

The writer lives in Mullins.