Letters to the Editor

Bauer has experience for Congress

As a business owner in Horry County for 35 years and as a former chairman of the Horry County Republican Party, I endorse Andre Bauer for election to the U.S. House of Representatives for the following reasons:

1. He served for two years in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

2. He served for four years in the South Carolina Senate.

3. He served for eight years as lieutenant governor of South Carolina and accomplished many great things during his time in office.

4. During his 14 years in elected office, he also owned and operated his own businesses.

This last point is very important. He understands just how frustrated business owners and citizens alike are with the intrusive nature of government into their businesses and in their lives. He understands how the heavy hand of government regulation suppresses business growth, increases unemployment and fosters dependency on government handouts.

Andre will help turn back the rising tide of Obama socialism, help reinstate the Constitution of the United States as the primary legal basis of our government and help bring jobs and prosperity not only to South Carolina but throughout the United States of America.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.