Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Peterson to school board

My wife and I moved here four years ago when I took a job as a professor in the Department of Politics at Coastal Carolina University. Fortunately, I wound up having an office next to Paul Peterson. This proximity has been of even greater interest since my wife works for Horry County Schools, and Paul is a member of the Horry County Board of Education.

He and I have talked extensively about matters related to education, both K-12 and higher education. I have found him to be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom on these matters. Paul also brings a unique perspective to the board. A good number of our students are graduates of Horry County high schools. Paul has the opportunity to see what these finished products of our schools can do and to what extent they are college-ready.

As much as I respect him, Paul is a shameless St. James High homer. In spite of that it is obvious that Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the board and should be re-elected on June 12 by the voters in District 5.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.