Letters to the Editor

Motorcycle madness needs to end

I have just endured another motorcycle season here. This past weekend felt like our town was a militarized zone. I saw bikes congregating in the middle of the road. There was no regard for traffic signals or intersections. There were helicopters flying over, spotlights, bike noise, cops and sirens, and just general mayhem. It appears as if some revelers are trying to take our town over for the time they are here, leaving our town trashed and exhausted.

When will this motorcycle madness end? How is it in 2012 that folks are allowed to ride helmet free, while seat belt laws are so strictly enforced? It's time for us to stand up in Columbia and get the helmet laws on a state level. Locals are weary of our town being taken over by this insanity. This holiday weekend used to be the most fun of the year and now it’s a time to either stay in your home or leave. Let’s not have another beautiful weekend ruined by motorcycles and all that comes with it.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.