Letters to the Editor

The real issue in the upcoming election

The real issue in this election is not the economy. It is not the debt, jobs, abortion rights, or contraceptives. Believe it or not, these things would ultimately resolve themselves.

The real issue in this election is the systematic dismantling of our Constitution. The Obamacare health bill is not about health. It is about the hundreds of single sentence directives buried within it’s thousands of pages, each of which takes away some of our individual constitutional rights or blatantly bypasses the legislative process. We are also being inundated with executive orders which Harry Reid keeps the Congress from debating, therefore allowing them to become law.

Why is no one talking about this?

For the first time in history we have avowed communists allowed on the White House staff at Cabinet level. If you look at the list of czars, you find more open promoters of communist ideals. Where is this country being allowed to go? When I grew up in the ‘40s and ‘50s this was called treason.

It seems that the country has adopted a union, welfare mentality. At best, we want it for nothing. At worst, we will work a limited work week for executive wages and benefits, while demanding a say in how the company runs itself. Entrepreneurial spirit be damned. We simply do not care if the company goes broke. For this guarantee, that everyone will get the same benefits, no matter how hard or little they work, we are willing to sell our souls.

The best example of the futility of this philosophy is the education system, specifically relating to black children. They are the most affected group. The typical inner city black child is being kept from the American Dream by lack of education, which is perpetuated by incompetent teachers protected by unions. Yet, this people group continues to vote, en masse, for the very ones who keep them in this bondage.

This observation has been made by many great minds, both black and white. Why has it been allowed to go on?

This is but one of many examples of the insanity that is being ignored by an ambivalent public. They don’t believe it affects them so they don’t read the fine print. “A nice man like that wouldn’t lie” they say. A few socialist ideas is one thing, a whole program designed to tear down America by a communist playbook is another. If it sounds like a communist, it looks like a communist, it smells like a communist, and it taste like a communist, guess what?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.