Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Nelson Hardwick to House

As a former member of the Greater Burgess Community Board, I have worked with state Rep. Nelson Hardwick for over eight years. There was a very serious problem on S.C. 707 at the entrance of Blackmoor, which was on a curve resulting in several accidents and one fatality.

At that time, I contacted the State DOT's regional office in Florence who referred me to Rep. Nelson Hardwick. I contacted Mr. Hardwick, who was able to obtain a new blueprint for an improved right and left hand turn into Blackmoor. He then was able to pursue and obtain the funding necessary to complete this project to make it a safer intersection.

Without Rep. Nelson Hardwick’s hard work and obtaining the funds for this project, nothing would have been done to improve the safety of the residents of Blackmoor and the Greater Burgess Community for at least another 10 years. Mr. Hardwick over the years has worked very hard for the Greater Burgess Community residents. He wants to hear from his constituents and works diligently to help resolve their problems. I have always found Mr. Hardwick to be friendly, caring, and a good family man, who always returned my phone calls or emails. Rep. Nelson Hardwick should be re-elected for another term.

The writer lives in Aynor.