Letters to the Editor

Prosser has boldness needed for Congress

I’d like to commend Chad Prosser for calling for an end to a program that allows members of Congress to spend unlimited taxpayer dollars on car leases. While many other Republican candidates in our district speak of ending the abuse of taxpayer dollars, Chad is the only candidate who is currently taking an aggressive approach to call out members of Congress who are misusing our hard earned money. Our district needs a bold conservative leader like Chad who isn't afraid to bring abusive congressional programs like this to light.

I’d also like to commend Mr. Prosser for calling for the resignation of Eric Holder.

Other Republican candidates within our district like to talk about how they will stand up to the Obama administration, but it is clear that Mr. Prosser is the only candidate that is doing so now. Our district deserves a proven leader who will be ready on day one to counteract the damage that Obama and Holder have done. Please join me in voting for Chad Prosser in the Republican Primary on June 12!

The writer lives in Conway.