Letters to the Editor

Postal service woes begin with Congress

Re May 31 editorial, “Bad Business at the Post Office”

If you want to discuss the plight of the U.S. Postal Service, you cannot neglect to mention that it is only in this plight because of our congressmen and senators who are intent on privatizing the whole operation.

It is currently under the onus of stashing $10 million per year into its very healthy retirement system as Congress has mandated that it have enough funds to cover all claims for the next 70 years. There is no corporation in the world that can meet such a requirement.

Additionally, are you aware that no tax dollars, that means none, are used to support the Postal Service, for at least the last 10 years? If you want to talk about unfair business practices, talk to Congress and let the Postal Service continue to run their business by being able to fairly compete in the open market. Because if they do not take the business you are talking about, someone else will, won’t they?

The writer lives in Sunset Beach, N.C.