Letters to the Editor

Randal Wallace knows foreign policy

I have been paying attention to all of the congressional candidates over the past few months and have heard all of them speak about the issues facing the new 7th Congressional District. We all hear the main talking points about the economy, job creation and the like, but from my background as a retired CIA clandestine services operations officer who spent more than 25 years overseas, my main focus on the candidates is their understanding on foreign affairs.

I am mostly impressed with Randal Wallace. I have heard him speak multiple times, and he really knows the foreign policy issues facing the U.S. in this unstable world we live in. He understands that we have to listen to our own military leaders on the ground overseas, and pay strict attention to their assessments. We can all agree that we want our troops to come home from Afghanistan, that they are safer here than in a combat zone, but at a time where Islamic extremists, not only in Afghanistan and Pakistan but in Africa and other parts of the world are trying to kill Americans, Randal knows that we cannot withdraw until the job is done and America is no longer threatened.

Related to terrorist threats emanating from around the globe, Randal believes in continuing diplomatic discussions with Pakistan but at the same time to let them know that we are going to go after potential threats to the US, wherever they are. Randal is correct in these beliefs.

I have also spoken to Randal and have concluded that of all the candidates he is the most versed on issues affecting our national security.

Randal opposes Iran’s nuclear bomb-making program, and does not want Iran to become a nuclear threat.

Randal knows that anti-American sentiments are rampant worldwide, and we must be in a position to know where the next threat is coming from so that we never again experience the tragic events of 9/11. Randal has said that we need to increase our intelligence-gathering techniques on those extremists who hate our great country and have vowed to continue their attacks. This should include but not be limited to countries like Somalia and Yemen where terrorist recruiting and training is currently going on. I agree with Randal on these issues.

From my background, I know that Randal has the best knowledge on foreign-policy related issues, and that matters to me. I hope you will join me to support Randal Wallace for Congress on June 12.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.