Letters to the Editor

Look to issues in Duckworth’s past

I have read letters here about Mr. Duckworth. Is this not the same man who while on City Council continued to bury his head in the sand while the city was embarrassed in the media over the wildfires? It continued even after the taskforce meeting about the wildfires that he conducted was shown to have many misconceptions and half truths.

He, along with other council members, sat idle as the mayor lashed out at Lt. Fisher for not coming forward sooner, only to find out with the independent survey of employees that what he was revealing was felt by many of the Public Safety employees. He stood by spouting “It is a personnel matter” like the rest when Fisher was accused of giving me confidential information on the wildfires and forced to resign. I ask you what in the paper was confidential.

Do we need to move this good-old-boy-type politics further up the state decision-making chain? I think not.

Remember, Mr. Duckworth, government should be transparent and you are the company that you keep!

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.