Letters to the Editor

Keep Tracy Edge’s seniority in House

We have an experienced representative in Tracy Edge. He has been very instrumental in bringing North Myrtle Beach and District 104 much needed state attention to the things we need.

Look at the Main Street Connector. Tracy obtained the funding to get it done. The North Myrtle Beach Museum also got funding because Tracy worked for us to get it. Don’t forget the widening of U.S. 17. Without Tracy we would not have had the money to make that happen.

Being a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee (you only get to be such a high level committeeman by seniority) he has influence over the state spending and budget process. His opponent says he will only run for three terms if elected. Thus he would never attain the seniority (it takes about 10 years to get on the Ways and Means) to become a member of important committees.

While advancing the needs of our district, Tracy has worked within our revenues and has not raised taxes.

At a recent forum at the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Tracy’s opponent stated that “Tracy has done a fine job as our representative.” The opponent only brings his desire to advance himself in the political realm. Change is not always good, and in this case would be a detriment to District 104.

Let’s not lose our state influence and most valuable asset to District 104. Re-elect Tracy Edge to the State House of Representatives on June 12.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.