Letters to the Editor

Tom Rice has long history of success

I am writing to explain why I think Tom Rice should be our congressman representing the new 7th District. I have known Tom for as long as I can remember, as we share the same maternal grandparents. My memories are filled with our summers spent together as children in Georgetown, along with his younger brother, Clay.

Tom was a year younger than me, yet he always climbed to the top of the trees faster, learned to ride the bike, roller skated and learned to ski first. He most often won our childhood games, like Monopoly. I told my own children growing up how Tom was good at Monopoly as a child and that he has continued in his adult life to be successful in acquiring and managing real estate today.

In other words, Tom has always set his sights high and has overcome obstacles to be successful through the grace of God and his motivation to succeed. He has always been determined and is not afraid to face challenges. If Tom had decided to be an astronaut or a brain surgeon, I believe he would have accomplished those goals as well. Not only is Tom a good person, he is also loyal, trustworthy and stands up for what he believes is right even if it is controversial; qualities he will take to Washington as your representative.

If Tom says he wants to go to Washington to work for the people of the new 7th District, then he will go and work for the people of the 7th District.

I encourage you to vote for Tom Rice on June 12 because he will unselfishly and successfully serve you, as your congressman.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.