Letters to the Editor

Tracy Edge has done much to help his district

Tracy Edge has been our representative in Columbia since 1996. With his experience and seniority in the House of Representatives he is a key member of the Ways and Means committee. You do not become a member on that committee without about 10 years’ seniority. Tracy managed it in six years.

When no one would support the Robert Edge Parkway, Tracy did. He helped obtain over $100 million to get us this much needed access to our area.

Tracy has been a major supporter of the North Myrtle Beach Museum and has provided over $500,000 in funding to help it grow.

Without Tracy we would not have the widened U.S. 17. He fought for funding to complete this project.

Tracy has also obtained funding for the beach nourishment and removal of the unsightly outfall pipes on the beach.

With his senor position on the Ways and Means Committee, he is able to continue to provide a strong voice to our receiving funds for District 104.

I urge you to vote for Tracy Edge, our representative for District 104 on June 12.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.