Letters to the Editor

Elect Janice Morreale to school board

We have important election decisions to make in the June 12 primaries, none more so than who represents our students on the school board.

I have known Janice Morreale for a number of years. I believe she has the same concerns and desires about the quality of our education our children receive as most interested parents.

She has made it her business to attend school board meetings so she can gain knowledge about what is going on behind the scenes in Horry County Schools.

We need parents and school board members who will go the extra mile to bring the best quality education possible to our students. Janice Morreale is exactly that type of person.

I encourage all the voters in District 5 to support Janice Morreale in the Republican primary on June 12. Our children need the best we can give them. That person is Janice Morreale in District 5.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.