Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Paul Peterson to school board

Paul Peterson should be re-elected to the Horry County Board of Education in district five. He is a man of principle, not afraid to speak his mind, and a dedicated public servant.

Dr. Peterson supported me in a statewide campaign to keep the teaching of early American history in our high schools, stood with me against high school block scheduling, and argued for my first amendment right for e-mail dialogue with educators, during school hours, on professional matters. Although I have fought publicly against our current board governance policies and the power afforded the superintendent, Dr. Peterson has supported them. A man of integrity places principle above personal and professional disagreements.

I consider Dr. Peterson to be a personal friend and professional colleague, a man of true grit, who will act in what he perceives to be the best interest of Horry County Schools.

Re-elect Paul Peterson.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.